Want to change from our default black Cufflinks Box? - Selection available


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Most of our cufflinks come supplied with our XCBOX black lift of lid cufflink box.

We know you like choice so we decided to give you the option to change the boxes you prefer to any from our range (see the image)

Simply fill in the comment section with your preference and we will adjust your invoice higher or lower based on your choice

BOXES Alternative Choices :-
XCBOX-B Brown Craft Box Lift off lid box £0.75
XRCB Regular Chrome Engravable Box £1.39
XDCB Large Chrome Engravable Box £1.55
XB0781P Post Friendly "Large Letter post option" Black Box £0.45
XB0781P-B Post Friendly "Large Letter post option" Brown Box £0.45
XBLCB Leatherette Black Box £1.17
XBLCB-TYBLA010 Leatherette Blue Box £1.17


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